Recruitfreshers.in is for engagement of strong eco system in the commercial interest and benefit among stake holders primarily > Employers, Recruiters and 1st time Job Seekers.

Mapping and Align Students KSA’s with Industry KRAs to value based hiring between employer and employee.

Recruitfreshers carries tremendous expertise in setting up Fresher’s skilled human resources supply chain for SMEs, SMBs, Medium scale industries and Large Corporations.

Fresher’s Human Resources Supply Chain is major benefit program for companies for acquiring talent with required Skill set and high accuracy fitment at No Costs or Minimal costs.

Our approach to any recruitment issue faced by our client [Employer] is always innovative and out of box, we ensure successful supply chain of talent to the clients [Employers] engaged with us.

Recruitfreshers would be in constant touch with Human Resource Professionals, Recruiters to enable them with updated Job seekers data along with skill sets.

Recruitfreshers caters entire ambit and gambit of the Indian Industry covering all 300 Sectors and 2890 Sub Sectors of the primary industry sectors.

Important Note to Candidates [Job seekers]:

Every Job is not for Every One

Everybody does NOT fit- in for Every Job

Employment is engagement and contract between Employer and Employee, Employee need to have skills that can fulfill the requirement of the Employer.

Employment or Job can be secured only when you’re Knowledge Skills and Attitude PERFECTLY matches with Key Responsibility Areas [KRAs of the JOB].

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