Some important FAQ and answers:
Email account of the student: 

90% of the students do give wrong email id, non-working email id, non-existent email id to the TPO’S and also University management, students do think that it is intelligent move, but most of the time it so happens, that companies ask for students Database 2 years advance, when companies try to reach students by email, majority of the email bounce, that’s the end of linkage between company which is planning to recruit and the student who is in search of employment.

All students are advised to keep working email id away from junk sites and never link your personal email id meant for professional purpose, with any websites that spam with irrelevant content, keep your email box clean and ensure that it is in working condition, check all job openings with care.

Not only companies, University Placement Coordinators would like to update the student’s with current developments and future events, even such information does not reach student, and student would always have that missing gap “DUE TO WRONG EMAIL ID” and Changed Mobile numbers constantly.

Database of the class:

Database of entire class is very important information, that companies analysis for conducting / undertaking campus recruitment, inclusion of campus in pool campus drive’s, enable students to get their respective hall tickets, hence Database is essential base & platform for showcasing yourselves and your classmates.

Students, irrespective of semester & year you are studying in currently, www.recruitfreshers.in desire that you engage & take initiative for preparing your classmates database on top most priority, and hand over soft copy in MS Word /  XL format and also a Hard copy duly placed in records of your University placement officer. All your queries can be sent to email: www.recruitfreshers.in@gmail.com

Job Portals – Showcase your profile to companies, right while you are at campus to 30 years of your own future:

  • Student have to spend qualitative time with concentration for few minutes, and register their profile with below mentioned Job sites / Job Portals which are surfed, scanned by potential recruiters as and when they desire to Hire / Recruit people.
  • Every student has to note that not only this sites help you reach fresher / entry level jobs, but also would continuously keep connected with Job Opportunities / Openings with companies for your future 30 years professional life span.

Placement Coordination:

We enable Universities, Colleges  T & P Officers, HODs, Principals to place on record respective institution database of  students’ with more than 60,000 companies and nearly 180,000 HR Professionals, provided students make their respective class database with accuracy. So that companies / HR Professionals would get in touch with students as on when employment openings arise / exist.

Do not get confused:

www.recruitfresher.in would keep extending continuous support to students even after their completion of graduation from campus through fresher entry [Direct entry / Lateral Hiring / Central pool hiring].

Most of students get confused with “Combined / Pool Campus’s Drives” happening at Multi Locations and come under self induced pressure, every student and even parent has to note that such drives has set of pre-determined eligibility and criteria strictly laid down and drives are conducted pooling people with such focused technical strengths, usually such drives take place for students who have already passed and posses TRANSCRIPTS on hand.

Engineering, MCA, MBA , Post Graduate  students sometimes take into consideration Campus Drives / Campus Hiring taking place for General / Traditional Graduates , Inter students, Life sciences graduates ( Usually 30 to 35 Drives take place in every state of India ) and start self comparison and get confused. Please be sure that you have complete information / thorough details about such campus hiring / campus recruitment events, before coming into conclusion. Who is Hiring / Recruiting? Based on which qualifications? For what position / designation Hiring / Recruitment event is happening? Posting i.e. after Hiring / Recruitment for the Job?

Most Important note: Top 10  IT & Software companies  go to few Universities or only to THOSE accredited Universities / Colleges.

Note – www.recruitfresher.in  help individuals TO ENLIST online under direct entry scheme, which enables each and every individual Graduate  / Post- Graduate to attempt screening process as and when companies call for Off-campus, Pool Campus, Massive Recruitment / Hiring drive.

In one word every drive happening DOES NOT happen for engineering students, MCA, MBA, or for other Post Graduate students. Every Hiring / Recruitment event is Unique by Criteria & JD.

Today Campus Hiring / Campus drive has become so specifically targeted like you find Advertisements in “News Papers” if you refer “The Telegraph”, “Times of India”, “Hindu” “Economic Times” you would see several hundreds of jobs being advertised, but each advertisement requirement [i.e. Job Description, Eligibility Criteria, Job Posting] does not align with other one, requirement, eligibility, criteria would differ from each one advertised.

Should you have any doubts / require clarifications – you can email:  www.recruitfreshers.in@gmail.com   we would answer you if we have ANSWER, and help you understand. We trust that every student did evolve with this document about hard facts of the Freshers Campus Hiring / Freshers Campus Recruitment – SCENARIO.

Additionally our activity also covers getting our enrolled Freshers Database sharing with following opportunities:

  1. BT Today – Top 500 companies.
  2. Power Industry [Generating & Distribution including all Stake holders – Manufacturers, Consultant, Project Execution companies, Suppliers]. Electrical Theme – 1 to 19 for Electrical Engineering Students.
  3. Automobile Manufacturers, including Ancillary Units across India.
  4. Retail Industries – 1200+ companies.
  5. Retail Malls and Space Infra companies – around 200+ firms.
  6. Bulk Drugs and Pharmaceuticals companies – 11,000 +. Data had to be keyed.
  7. Connectivity with Recruiters & Staffing Companies
  8. ‘Off- campus’ / ‘Pool Campus’ / ‘Combined Drives’ for ‘Direct Entry’ / ‘Fresher’s Entry’ with companies.
  9. We also like to get students engage with 232 Public Sector Undertakings [PSU’S].

Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

  • Central Ministries & Departments.
  • State Ministries & Departments.
  • Regulatory & Policy Making Authorities- Electricity.
  • State Organizations- SEBs, Departments, Generation Cos.
  • State Nodal Agencies for Renewable Energy Resources.
  • Central Power Sector Organizations.
  • Private Sector Utilities, Independent Power Producers.
  • EPC Contractors & Construction Firms.
  • Key Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers & Service Providers.
  • Fuel Suppliers and Oil & Gas Companies.
  • Banks & Financial Institutions.
  • Power Trading Companies.
  • Insurance Firms- General, Life & Re-Insurance.
  • Consultants & Rating Agencies.
  • Law Firms.
  • Associations.
  • Research & Training Organizations.

Civil Engineering:

  • 11,000 companies.
  • 100 + top companies into projects and infrastructure is available.
  • NHAI – Registered list of infra companies is available.

Mechanical Engineering students:

Looped and Patched with Product Companies and also Relevant companies dealing with:

  • Autocad ;
  • Pro/E;  Catia ;
  • Unigraphics ;
  • Mastercam;
  • Delcam;
  • Solidworks ;
  • Central Institute of Tool Design;
  • Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association.

Electronic & Communication Engineering students:

  • 195 companies that are into CORE Technologies.
  • Telecommunications based Companies.
  • SCADA and PLC based Product companies.

Computer Science engineering students:

  • Online we facilitate you to apply with TOP 200 IT and SOFTWARE Companies
  • NASSCOM Listed companies
  • The IT & ITES Industry Association of Andhra Pradesh, ITsAP (Formerly Hyderabad Software Exporters Association – HYSEA) is a registered apex body with more than 300 members, representing the software industry in Andhra Pradesh.
  • STPI Listed companies based at KOLKATA
  • We have also compiled data of 28,000 companies that are into IT & Software.

B.Tech – 2nd year – 1st semester students, who are keen & opting for Employment, Important Note: More than – 1035 “skills sets” exists under various categories of:

Web Development
Software Development
Networking & Information Systems
Writing & Translation
Administrative Support
Design & Multimedia
Customer Service
Sales & Marketing
Business Services

Freshers to gain knowledge about companies Visit:  ITsAP – http://itsap.org/members/member-companies/

Each Technology (Skills Set) Nomenclatures & details of utility can be found on following websites:

  1. www.elance.com
  2. www.getacoder.com
  3. www.scriptlance.com
  4. www.rentacoder.com
  5. www.guru.com
  6. www.odesk.com

Browsing and Surfing above websites, with 1% interest and 1% dedication along with concentration, would help you choose 1st option, 2nd option, 3rd option on Technologies that you can adapt.  “Take up Learning” from 2nd year – 1st semester onwards, and plunge for “Deep dive” to elevate yourself as “Expert”, on said technologies by 3rd year – 1st semester. Secure employment by end of 3rd year- 2nd semester itself.

By the time you get into 4th Year – 1st Semester, you can start earning anything from 10,000 Rupees per month to Rs 1,00,000 per month, based on your interest , devotion, commitment, wholeheartedness, zeal  and teamwork.

Job Opportunities from a variety of companies,Students we have clarity and we wish to make you also aware of Branch wise focus for wider employability and to facilitate employment opportunities:
Size Does Matter. So does the spread.
Along with profile diversity.
Equal Opportunity for all
Nationwide Visibility and Equal Platform for Campuses.
No percentage criteria or University criteria.
Many Students, Many Companies
Not every job requires topper, there are jobs for all.
Benefit continues beyond one event, one company or one opportunity.

Best Wishes / Surya Mahadeva, Founder

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